Minigame 3 – Activity 4 – Objects and Rules


  • Playing as a Knight, I will use my “Rusty Sword” to hit the enemies to kill them.

This involves tactics

  • As a player, I will use the character’s boots to jump on the platform to dodge enemies.

This is physics-oriented

  • As a player, I use the “Harpy Helmet” to double jump over the enemy to avoid getting hurt.

This is physics-oriented, but it involves tactics

  • Playing as a Rogue, I will use my “Hermes Boots” to quickly reach the end of the level.

This is mapped to player progression

  • As a player, I will use the character’s legs to walk through the level so I can win the game.

This is physics oriented and mapped to player progression.


The mechanics listed above will appeal to the gaming audience by utilising them in such a way to make the progression consistent, but also keep the flow of the difficulty up. In order to make sure the items don’t overload the player the enemies must be tactfully placed, yet must also be not hard enough to overwhelm the player. The items will make sure that the players will not get overwhelmed yet will be scarce enough to maintain difficulty.


Object Name Object Purpose Object Attributes Relationships
Rusty Sword To defeat enemies ·        Brown coloured

·        Rusty

·        Causes damage

·        Makes enemies pay (their rent)

If the player uses it on an enemy the enemy takes damage equal to the player’s strength stat.
Harpy Helmet To jump higher ·    Green and white coloured

·    Feathers

·    Greek looking

·    Allows the player to double jump

When the player obtains it, the player can then use space to jump again.
Hermes Boots To run faster ·    Golden coloured

·    Wing symbols

·    Increases mobility

·    Makes the player move faster

Upon acquisition the player might actually fall down because I mean, it’s just the boots that go wicked fast, not the player.
Slug Enemy ·    Green coloured

·    Lumbering

·    Slow

·    Not hasty

·    Damages the player

The slug is the main enemy, and will cause the player to slow down to have to vanquish and remove from the level.

Points can be acquired from defeating enemies.


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