Minigame 3 – Reflection Post – Steven MacHunter

Cycle 3 reflection:

1 – Aside from the pessimism displayed from the previous two cycles, I decided that this cycle I would have a greater overall mindset to approaching the development of this game. The tutorials were all very helpful in finding out how to use Unity’s animator functionality, allowing me to further use that skill in the development of the game.

2 – Throughout the semester I suppose I developed skills about how better to collaborate with my peers, though these lessons were already taught in previous courses.

3 – The best strategy I’ve used to best manage assisting my team is to just sit down for a day and do the work to it’s completion. Having someone by my side, making sure to do the work is also especially helpful, which I also assume is the same for my team.

4 – In working in a team based environment, it’s best to make sure that the one person doesn’t do the majourity of the work. Which, unfortunately, occurred during all three cycles, Connor did the majourity of the work on the game development, while William and I didn’t really show up for most of the sessions. Though at least I can say that I assisted even slightly with the completion of the activities. Having someone on the team who was not only competent at Unity but also able to do the work was incredibly helpful.


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