Mini Game 1 – Activity 1: Player Experience Goals

Game Player Experience Goals

The initials ideas for this SHUMP (Shoot Em Up) was to have strong emphasis of competitiveness as two players attempt to get a better score than the other. For this project, it is unclear if multiplayer will be implemented within the time constraints of IGB100. If this is the case, then players can still compete with each other by checking their previous points in the high score board.

PX Goals & Reasoning

As previously stated, players will be competing with each other while trying to anticipate enemy movements. The player with the most kills will achieve the best score. Players will also experiment with the power-ups which can change the outcome of a game. The reasoning behind these PX goals is to promote emotions like joy and anger when competing between players during gameplay. The player’s emotions can change if losing or winning a game.

Types of PXs & Importance

For this game, social attributes such as competitiveness combined with emotional aspects relates to an entertaining experience where players find enjoyment when playing together. Additionally, the creative aspect makes the game interesting when seeing players use power-ups that can change the overall result of a game. The player’s experience in a video game is important as it can affect if a game is entertaining or not.