Mini Game 3 – Cycle 3 – Activity 1: Player Experience Goals

Game Player Experience Goal & Favorite Game Ideas

The initials idea for a side-scroller was to have the player face dilemmas that are designed to challenge their reflexes and get them to analyze the objects within the level. In the workshop, the team was tasked to come up with multiple game ideas and then choose two out of that list that we all preferred. Firstly, there was the side-scrolling brawler game, where the player chooses one out of four playable heroes and fight fantastical creatures while also traversing the level by using platforming mechanics. The game is designed around the persona of Sally and the theme is heroism. Secondly, a 2D runner game where the player takes the role of delivery man who uses a skateboard to navigate the world. Furthermore, the player has to quickly reach the end of the level while dodging multiple in-game obstacles. The game is designed around the persona of Brittany and the theme is survival.

PX Goals, Reasoning & Importance

As previously stated, when playing one of these games the player will be challenging their reflexes while trying to find the best way to survive the level by analyzing everything within the scene. Moreover, the reasoning behind these PX goals is to promote joy and surprise when playing the game. For this game, the physical aspects combined with emotional could lead to an entertaining experience as the player will face many challenges during their play-through. Importantly, the player’s experience in a video game is key for it to be successful or not, I believe that these elements can make the game appealing for the targeted audience.