Activity 2 – Mood Board

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Mini Game 2 – Activity 1 – Player Experience Goals

For the second Minigame development cycle, the studio was tasked to look online to find 10 news stories to be worked into a game, and formulate game ideas off said stories. We then picked a shortlist of 5 games to discuss with another group.

5 Game Ideas

The shortlist of game ideas we had were the following:

  1. Crazy Taxi style game to pick up people that are trying to get away from a cyclone
  2. A Detective style game to catch someone who’s about to shoot up a night club
  3. A first person ‘running race’ style game where people have to run from a cyclone
  4. A police game where you arrest people committing crimes
  5. A game where you have to break into zoo enclosures and jump over dangerous animals

2 Focused Games

We each discussed the possible games made out of the ideas brainstormed in the workshop. We decided that the funnest games we could make would be the ones where you’re trying to guard against a cyclone. That being the first, and third game ideas.

3 Player Experience Goals

The player experience goals outlined for the game development were the following:

  1. Speed
  2. Fear
  3. Experimentation

3 Player Goals Explained

The reasoning behind the chosen experience goals in relation to the shortlisted games is because we felt that those three experiences could best fit with having fun in the environment of a cyclone approaching an environment.

We wanted this game to invoke a feeling of speed, especially if the winds will throw around crates and other objects faster than the player can move. In the Crazy Taxi game, the players will have to use their speed to reach the stranded civilians in time; whereas in the Running Race style game, the players will need to use their on foot speed to escape the storm.

As for the feeling of fear, well, what else could you expect from a game that employs the use of a massive environmental disaster? The fear would be perpetrated based on the titanic storm that’s encroaching on the city you’re in. So loud noises, lots of rain, debris smashing into things, the general mayhem associated with storms of that caliber.

As for experimentation, we felt that the game wouldn’t be as interesting without at least an attempt of being able to use┬áthe rules of the game world in different ways to achieve a better result.