Minigame 2 – Activity 3

For activity 3 we have to make a game concept statement for the cyclone game we chose, and then make 10 whole player stories to explain the basic aims for the player playing this one game.

Game Concept Statement

A first person game where you have to run around your house securing things, and then you must run to a safe house from a cyclone.

Player Stories

  1. As a player, I want to secure as many things in my house as possible.
  2. As a running person, I want to avoid the objects being thrown from the cyclone.
  3. As an opponent, I want to sabotage the enemy player’s house items.
  4. As a player, I want to use a nail gun to quickly secure objects.
  5. As a character, I want to get to the safe house before the cyclone hits.
  6. As a player, I want a bicycle to get to the safe zone quicker.
  7. As a gamer, I want the highest score by securing as many things as possible.
  8. As a student, I want to see if you do read these instead of just seeing them there.
  9. As an experimenter, I want to find different creative ways of securing objects.
  10. As a logical player, I want to see objects interacting in a sensible way.