Activity 5 – Interactivity

Challenge 1 – Objective on the other side of the obstacle

What choices are available to the player?

  1. Run straight to the objective
  2. Avoid the obstacle to get to the objective
  3. Go to a different objective
  4. Return to this objective at a different time

How does the game convey choice through the interface?

  1. Shows the time until the tornado reaches the town
  2. Shows the remaining hp of the player
  3. Shows the remaining objectives

For each choice, what actions are available to the player?

  1. Get the objectives
  2. Finish

How do rules that dedicate system response respond to these actions?

  1. Moving/creating new obstacles

What feedback is provided to the player?

  1. The final score
  2. The final time
  3. ‘You Win’
  4. ‘You Died’